Wherever the Need‘s primary focus is the alleviation of poverty by introducing the sanitation and water facilities that create and maintain good health, thereby giving individuals the ability to hold down a job.

As WTN provides communities with the invaluable, life-giving resources of water and sanitation, SOSI-O provides the tools to restore the internal, personal resources lost or damaged in the aftermath of devastation. We share a common goal, approached in different ways : we both support people to work their own way out of catastrophe rather than being provided with repeated, short-term, external interventions.

SOSI-O offers groups and individuals a simple, practical, and immediately applicable toolbox for negotiating life’s most challenging experiences. When overwhelm is replaced by resource; impotence by empowerment; and shock by moblisation; individuals can begin to self-heal. We aim to work in areas where violence and disempowerment are disrupting the capacity to thrive; not to pathologise, but to offer new choices of behaviour. Those simple choices transform individuals, repair families, and re-energise communities to maximise the resources made available to them.

Your compassionate support allows us to respond with direct action.
Please contact : www.wherevertheneed.org.uk or in the US : www.wherevertheneed.org with reference : SOS INTERNATIONALE