New SE Training in Edinburgh – Module 1

20th June 2020 – 25th June 2020 all-day

The Beginning Year of the 3 year Edinburgh SE™ training will be taught by Lael Keen, a senior SE trainer and faculty member from Brazil.

Lael is an Advanced level Instructor of Somatic Experiencing® for the S.E.® Trauma Institute and a founding member of the A.B.T. (Associação Brasileira do Trauma—the Brazilian SE Association).

She has been a Rolfer since 1984 and teaches Rolfing and Rolf Movement for the Rolf Institute. Lael holds a 5th degree black belt in Ki-Aikido and is a teacher of both Ki-Aikido and Shin Shin Toitsu Do—Mind and Body Coordination, certified by the Ki Society International in Tokyo Japan.

She teaches in the US and Brazil and around the world, for both the Rolf Institute and the SE Trauma Institute. She is currently completing her internship in Art Therapy and lives in the Brazilian rainforest with her husband (also an SE teacher) and her daughter.

The first year of the training will cover the following:

  • Understand the physiological basis of trauma.
  • Learn about containment, resourcing and empowerment.
  • Study tracking skills, titration and establishing continuity through the felt sense.
  • Practice establishing defensive orienting responses, completion and discharge.
  • Explore coupling dynamics, the elements of internal experience (SIBAM), and integrating experiential polarities, in order to restore creative self-regulation.
  • Be able to identify, normalize, and stabilize traumatic reactions.
  • Attain skills to avoid pitfalls of re-traumatization and false memory.
  • Learn to uncouple fear from immobility; re-establish and maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Investigate the transformative qualities of trauma.
  • Integrate trauma work into ongoing therapy.
  • Acquire short-term solutions to acute and chronic symptoms.

Course Fees

The fee for each year of the 3 year training is £3,050.00.  Earlybird reduction: for the first year the cost is reduced to £2,725.00 if paid before 16th Feb 2020

Payment plans are available.