A Day with Peter Levine

28th August 2018 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Amnesty International
25 New Inn Yard
London EC2A 3EA




Founder of Somatic Experiencing

Refugees & War Trauma

28th August, LONDON




War is like a wildfire that is fueled by brutality and suffering; it is at the darkest of humanity. It ravages our identities, separates our families, robs us of our cultures, homelands, traditions, and even language. It represents a deep rupture in the foundation of the self. Thousands are displaced, scraping together whatever possessions they can to embark on a very dangerous and uncertain journey to seek safety and a brighter future. Many refuge seekers do not survive, and many lose those closest to them. 

When refuge seekers are able to locate a new home, they are often met with political strife, racism, and the locals’ fear of outsiders, not to forget the persistent and overwhelming stress of their own displacement into a foreign community. 

We must also consider the communities where these refugees are sent to live. They are typically poor, with limited political power and less education, while suddenly being forced to deal with a new environment that is inhabited by a strange culture and dominated by a foreign language. 

Currently, there is a global lean towards refusing refuge to those in need and deporting them back to the area of danger where they’ve already sacrificed everything in an effort to escape. What do we do as therapists, as human beings, when faced with individuals, children, and families who are banished to this ill-fated existence?

How do you heal, when additional trauma may still be on the horizon?  

In this all-day presentation, pioneering trauma expert, Peter A Levine, PhD, will present his naturalistic and psychophysiological model for stress and trauma that he has pioneered over the past 45 years.  He will explain how animals in the wild respond to stress and threat, how trauma is stored in the body and nervous system, and how both animals and human beings are capable of discharging past stress and trauma.

Attending this 1-day Workshop will provide you with the psycoeduation and skills needed to aid in your clients understanding of their own terror, as well as their potential health issues, such as chronic pain, fatigue, digestive problems, depression, and anxiety.  Dr. Levine will discuss short-term and long-term interventions for providing resiliency, based on a community and group-based model. He will demonstrate how to utilize body-based awareness techniques to change the body experience of trauma, rather than trying to change belief systems or endlessly chase horrific memories. He will also invite collaboration and ask attendees to share their techniques and ideas, to help build upon these experiences together as a generative healing community.  

Cost and Booking

The cost of the day with Peter is £145. Booking and payment for this event can only be done online by clicking on the link to the right. 

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Event Details

The venue:  Amnesty International
17-25 New Inn Yard 
London EC2A 3EA

Times: 10.00 am – 6.00pm
with 1.5 hour lunch break 

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